A company that grow with its people

These are the qualities
of people that make up WeBling.

  • WEBLING Culture


    Integrated Smart Thinking

  • WEBLING Culture WEBLING Culture
    WEBLING Culture


    Active and passionate

  • WEBLING Culture WEBLING Culture
    WEBLING Culture


    Direct and candid communication skills

  • WEBLING Culture


    Dedicated to hard work and perseverance

  • The starting point of WeBling

    We are geeks obsessed over our customers

    WeBling was founded on the principle of serving our customers. Our customers are at the center of everything we do, and we do not miss a thing. WeBling's unique identity can be preserved when we listen to our customers like a fanatic, and we can equally receive enthusiastic support from our customers with our unparalleled services.

  • For better results

    Critiquing constructively and engaging in vigorous debate

    WeBling is no fan of YES men or those who are unconditionally agreeing/ There may be times when you disagree with your colleague. By being able to communicate frankly and accepting other people's opinions, even if we disagree with them, we can achieve better results. Every individual should be able to ask questions, criticize and make suggestions, especially during meetings. During a WeBling meeting, silence is never gold.

  • Where everyone comes together

    We support team play

    WeBling favors team players over star players. It is important that members of the WeBling team shine when they are working together rather than alone. Because we know that our strengths will complement each other's weaknesses, and by working together, we can achieve outstanding business results that we could never accomplish alone.

  • Focused attention on work

    Seeking Excellence

    WeBling pursues excellence. Continuous learning, setting high standards for oneself, and mature work ethics are essential to becoming an expert in a field. The only way to excel at responding to rapidly changing customer needs and trends is to become an expert in that field. All the support for excellence you may need, WeBling shall provide.

  • Create creative results

    Fail smart

    WeBling is a place where smart failures are encouraged. As a result of smart failures' thorough preparation and planning, it is possible to clearly understand the causal relationship and the cause of failure. A smart failure will accumulate one after another to create a creative result, and we respect the value of new knowledge acquired through learning from failure. We believe greater damage can be prevented by quickly and transparently disclosing failures without concealing them in order to minimize risks.