So you can get all hands on deck

Happy to work at WEBLING

We provide generous support to our members

To create a work environment conducive to immersion

  • Flex-time work system

    Assuring individual autonomy regarding working hours. Achieve work-life harmony that enables you to concentrate on the essence of your work.

  • Support for high-end IT equipment on all projects

    Our company will provide you with the best equipment you require to accomplish your task faster and more efficiently.

  • Meal Allowances

    Don't worry about meals. The company will cover for all your three meals.

  • In-house cafe

    There is an in-house cafeteria where baristas are available to serve you the most fragrant coffee.

In order for our members to grow and develop,
we provide generous support.

  • Support for job competency development

    The company provides the best perks for professionals to grow through books, education, seminars, and conferences. (2 million KRW annually)

  • Inspiration Session

    Get creative and inspired by different subjects taught by hired instructors.

To make your life more fulfilling

  • Support for accommodation in affiliated resorts (Pyeongchang, Jeju)

    For you who's given us your hard work, pamper yourself.

  • Long-term service reward system (3·6·10·15 years)

    Paid sabbatical leave and rewards are available for employees who have served with us long term.

  • Free use of vacation days

    No need to walk on eggshells. The leave can come in blocks of 30 minutes and not yearly.

  • Medical check-up support

    As part of our comprehensive medical checkup support, we also help you live a healthier life.

Don't let work or family fall by the wayside

  • Pregnancy and Maternity Gifts

    Choose gifts such as luxury strollers during pregnancy and childbirth.

  • Encouraging parental leave

    We actively encourage you to take parental leave. Work, family, everything matters.

  • Menstrual leave

    We provide one unpaid leave per month.

  • Birthday and wedding anniversary special leave

    Celebrate your special days with your loved ones.